My Approach

You & every other human being is truly and uniquely "you". . .

Based on this I want to encourage each & every reader to appreciate their unique qualities - good or bad. . .

This is NOT startlingly new. I hope I can have some small part assisting you to realize that paradigm for yourself & to foster it in others. . .

What a "Mission" in life that is!

My Story

As a full-time RVr I have pursued some education to better equip myself to be successful in that lifestyle. I have gone through a formal school to be a certified RV Technician. I then dedicated four months to full-time work & experience repairing RVs at a small RV shop.

Now I am seeking to create ways of making income while living full-time in an RV as I visit family & friends throughout the USA. Part of this process is this BLOG & my creating it!

Can I be of service to you in some of these same arenas? I believe so! Thanks so much for your time & attention!

Meet the Team

Teila, my wife, & I partner as Grandparents to our nine lovely grandchildren. We also are assisting our aging parents as they begin to encounter more physical challenges that come with the inevitable advance of time.

We seek to aid others to develop & implement a cogent plan to "Live Healthy till 100" as we travel throughout the USA! Folks need three "pillars" to have a full life:

  1. Health
  2. Income &
  3. Purpose

We'd love to aid you in that! It's a human thing...


Larry AKA Rotaidalg


Raised as a "Military Brat" who attended 13 Grade Schools & 3 High Schools "growing up."

Retired from a total of 20 years of full-time military service & now living & travelling with my Spouse & our dog, Zander, to maintain & foster relationship (TIME + PROXIMITY = RELATIONSHIP) with our adult children & our growing grandchildren as well as meeting & getting to know new folks along the way!



Partner & Spouse

Raised throughout the Western USA & attended 16 Grade Schools by the 4th Grade(!).

Put up with Larry for a total of 35+ years of marriage. Raised & nurtured four lovely children (who are now wonderful adults & parents with their spouses.)




An 8-year-old Standard poodle who gets LOTS of attention as we travel the land! He has learned to appreciate his many admirers who lavish him with praise for his stylish good looks and good manners!

Next Steps...

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