Beautiful cold day in Georgia…

The “big news” today in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area is the “cold temperatures”! Feels like it’s in the 30’s (Farenheit) with the wind-chill. A “hard freeze” is forecast for the next three mornings as well!

Just finishing up some great coffee at the Coffee Camper Company here on the main Street in Monroe. Met and visited with a lovely lady (Barbara) at the Monroe-Walton Arts Center (

What a cultural difference between the “East” and the “West” in the USA!

We were Montana residents for almost 30 years (1986-2015) in two different communities, Condon, MT from 1986-98 and then Stevensville, MT from June of ’98 till November 2015. BIG noticable differences were/are the roads(!) – wider & straighter out West versus narrow & twisty here in the East! (Obviously old buggy & wagon trails to local places like farms, Churches and small towns or railroad depots.)

People live with a greater level of population density and the inherent traffic here in the East. Also MUCH more rain and humidity!

If you ever travel from East to West, or visa-versa, just be forwarded of the differences! “Vive la difference!”      😉

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