WARNING: Some "boiler-plate" generic text from the site-building software follows! (Bold italicized words below are what I have added to replace some of the "boiler plate"...)

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective readers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your identity, qualifications, and motivation. Check out the attempted responses below.

Who the heck ARE you??

I was born right around 1960. (THAT was an interesting decade!) I had a Military Father, traditional nuclear family including one sibling & some pretty cool grandparents (who definitely influenced me a LOT!) I was somewhat precocious as a child. We moved & I read - a LOT!

As an adult I have had several disparate roles & career "stutters" to include Retail Sales & Service, US Military Service(s) & the Construction trades. Within these three broad arenas I have been a(n) Customer Service/Clerk, Laborer, Administrative Clerk, Supply Clerk, Intercept Linguist, College Student/Scholar, Researcher, Travel Coordinator,  Architectural Draftsman,  Instructor/Trainer, Supervisor, Leader, Performance Evaluator, Technical Expert, Project Manager, Event Coordinator, Writer, Safety Reviewer, Equipment Operator, Ambassador (unofficial!?), Truck Driver, Facilities Manager, "Handy man", Auto Mechanic, RV Repair Technician, Husband, Business Owner & Parent/Grandparent/Mentor. (I'm not REALLY sure WHO I am!?) LOL!

What do you have to offer me?

Fair question! (Perhaps nothing?!?) But I do have a plethora of diverse experience gleaned from a fairly eventful life lived in six different countries (including 12 of the states here in the USA.)

I suppose I have some "water under the bridge" & an appreciation for the uniqueness of differing cultures - despite our underlying universal humanity!   😉

My goal is to assist you in thinking about what motivates you, who you are & why you do WHAT it is YOU "do"...

Do you have "customer service?"

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable Reader Services rep (me!) is available to answer your questions. (By Email only! When I check it!)   🙂