First Assessment Steps – Can I (We) Do it?!

How DID I enter into an RV Lifestyle? How and why did I opt to do it full time? How did I convince my spouse to “buy in” to this “crazy” idea?!?

Those are some uniquely personal questions with unique answers for each of us. I’ve attached a form to assist you in a process I used with my Bride of (then) 34+ years:


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She thought I was nuts when I first “sprang” the concept of selling all we had and hitting the road full time in some sort of RV. This was a process of seeing how little space we truly dwelt in on a day-to-day basis.

Obviously she changed her mind because TODAY is our 38th Anniversary of Marriage!    🙂

We also just passed our 3-year “Nomad-iversary” on 06 November 2018. The floor plan below is what we ended up with after our research and some shopping (and a touch of “dumb luck”?!?) She lives with me in this 33-foot Class-A motor home along with our 8-year-old Standard Poodle, Zander. AND she hasn’t killed me yet! LOL!

I trust these items aid you in a process of visualizing and conceptualizing what is doable, possible and attainable for you. I want you realizing your dreams for whatever you anticipate some type of RV living might accomplish for you!

Respectfully, Rotaidalg

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