INTRODUCTION – “First Steps”; RV Living

Date: 10 November 2018

For now this Blog will deal primarily with RV Living.

How, since there are already a plethora of excellent RV-centric Blogs available on-line, will this blog meet a need different from others? Frankly, I can’t be sure! However, I will share some of my personal experience, gleaned from about 41 months of living in my own RV – 36 of those months without our traditional “Sticks & Bricks” home.

As a ”full-timer,” a successful graduate of the RV Service Academy (RVSA) in Palmetto, FL (, & 4 months of experience (June thru September of 2018) working full-time at a small RV Service shop in Montana (HTTP:// I know I have some pertinent advice for prospective RV purchasers & those enamored with the idea of RV Living.

While none of these things individually or even in combination qualify me as an “expert” they all form a unique perspective regarding the RV lifestyle! I’d like to share that in the hopes it may help you make an informed decision regarding your entry into the market for an RV or the RV lifestyle.

What follows is a summary of my proposed content in the future.

RVing is currently very popular (based on sales over the last few years – However, “popularity” does NOT guarantee ultimate satisfaction for new RV purchasers! Why this frequent disillusionment for so many who excitedly seek the perceived benefits of the RV lifestyle? I’ll share some of my thoughts on this subject.

How can YOU avoid a potentially negative experience with purchasing, using & keeping an RV? I’ll start with practical steps you can take to refine YOUR expectations. These will help you select an appropriate unit for your needs & wants & prepare you for lasting enjoyment of the unit you select.

RVing is extremely personal in nature & you will need to do some serious self-reflection soul-searching as well as an honest review of various factors ( or ( These will contribute to your ultimate experience!

I want to thank you for entrusting me with one of your most valuable assets – your time! Thank you too for your attention & you will (I believe) eventually thank yourself for going through a process of self-evaluation to guarantee your satisfaction.



Larry G. Himes

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