IDEAS: Improving and Modifying Your RV

During three years on the road combined with the initial five months dwelling in our 2003 Winnebago Brave 32V while waiting for our Montana house to sell we have encountered some issues and breakages and have implemented some do-it-yourself improvements.

The first small repairs made were to a broken mount for the lift strut on our under-bed storage (Moved it slightly and relocated the screws), a sticky release latch for our sofa foot rest (tightened the control cable by adjusting the mount), and a broken pin on the fold-away table between the passenger seat and our barrel chair (replaced the broken wooden dowel with a large metal screw.)

Improvements made were the addition of a high-rise kitchen faucet:


the switch to a taller bathroom sink faucet:


and modifications to allow the sink drain to work via the pull-up control on the faucet assembly:

One source for new ideas, modifications or upgrades has been going to dealerships or RV shows and seeing features and techniques found in newer units.

I got the idea for our sink-cover and folding dish drainer storage from a high-end diesel pusher Class-A motor home. I built one that resides below our counter extension from a mix of pallet wood and crate slats:

Another GREAT idea we saw was to use a flat-screen TV as a cabinet door. These are hinged either at the top or a side in newer RVs. We removed our original CRT TV’s casing and 29-pound steel support cage. . .


This opened up the area above our dashboard AND created extra storage using its now emptied space!


This is not an exhaustive list of all the modifications we’ve done – but for now it is enough!

I trust you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday? If for any reason you hadn’t, I wish you a better Season to come. Thanks for reading! Good luck and happy planning and researching for YOUR RV life!


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