Secondary Sources of Knowledge

Yesterday started the “Full Time Freedom Week” for those considering or pursuing an RV lifestyle. It’s also good information for those of us who have been full time RVrs for a while already.

Here is the link:

The event is split up into days of the week. The Daily Content videos are only available for only 24 hours under a free access paradigm, However, you can purchase an All Access Pass to have unlimited access to the content for up to a year. Great for rewatching and reviewing those items most pertinent to your needs. As you master certain aspects of this knowledge you may realize that some items seemingly unimportant will now be more relevant to your needs based on the new-found knowledge! Please consider it!

Today (Tuesday, 20 November 2018) there were some great tips on maximizing storage, budgeting, initial purchasing of a unit, taxes, maintenance, etc.! Check it out!   🙂

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