Zander’s RV Travels

Date: 05Dec18

An Introduction to Zander’s RV Travails – er – Travels

Wow! I’m actually getting to DO this! I’m Zander! I’m an eight-year-old standard poodle that is (somewhat poorly at times!) served, pampered and cared for by Larry Himes – AKA, Rotaidalg, and the woman who puts up with him, my adoptive Mother and Alpha Pack Female, Teila.

It’s a pretty sweet gig! Other than NOT getting to lay up on my dashboard when Larry is chauffeuring MY Motor Home RV around. . .

    My dash board bed, chillin’ in Georgia.

DON’T get me wrong, Larry would probably be “cool” with it but my MOM. . . Shees! She’s all like, “Larry, if Zander stands up you can’t see!” or “You might get a ticket if a police officer sees him up there!” (Actually, though, that’s a pretty good point!?)    {:]

My humans do feed me, bathe me and keep me looking pretty sharp (if I DO say so myself!) They even clean up my “messes”!                                               

    This is really MY RV since I was there when they got sucke… er, bought it that Saturday night of 17 January in 2015! I laid on that couch and in the master bed and saw the nice neutral décor and said, “Whoa! This is a chillin’ place!” (Though THIS particular RV WAS inside a heated building, it was only about 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside that evening in Montana! Brrr!)

As we get to know one another better in the future I’ll share more about my earlier life and how I grew to be SUCH an AWESOME do… er, Poodle (Poodles aren’t REALLY just “dogs” you know!)

For now you simply need to know I’ve been being chauffeured around the USA for just over three years. I’ve been to some pretty cool places where I’M usually a pretty big “hit” with people! Mom and Larry are OK and they try to do a good job of keeping up with my posh classiness.

Together we’ve been to Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee,Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, South Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, Utah and Idaho.We also regularly return to my Birth state of Montana. I don’t know about you, but I’m SURE you’ll just be enthralled by my awesomeness and the lasting impact I have had on people as they have been exposed to my scintillating self! And, BTW, you’re welcome! (For getting to meet me!)



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